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What is OpSec? For normal people we can define it like this: basically you need to not leave about bits of information that can be traced back to you, or be put together like a puzzle to form a bigger picture about who you are or what you are doing. These types of acts leave a trail right back to the person.

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Dear Fuck-Up: I behaved poorly and now I feel bad. Dear Fuck-Up: I got too drunk and cheated on my boyfriend, and now I feel bad. How do I forgive myself and move on?

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Hey baby, let's get fucked up Let's get fucked up Let's get fucked up Let's do some stuff And get fucked up Yeah, tomorrow we'll feel like We been hit by a truck But let's get fucked up, honey Goin' to a cockfight Burn, witch, burn Heh, all my stuff in hock might Never ever return Ooh, goin' to the brink Of oblivion Gonna need a shrink To get back again, aha! Let's get fucked up Let's get fucked up Let's get some stuff And get fucked up Tomorrow we'll feel like We was hit by a truck But let's get fucked up A-gonna get lowdown Gonna get keyed up Gonna go to town And get beat up Gonna get way out To the 'drenaline Gonna hit flameout When my head caves in Ooh, ouch, ooh Let's get fucked up, baby Right now Fucked up Mmm Slip on nocturnal shades Head down to amateur night Do some purple haze Ahh, probably lose some fight Ooh, get cool and casual Get really sent Dig some cruel and unusual Punishment, aha! Let's get fucked up Let's get fucked up A-let's get some stuff And then we'll get fucked up You know tomorrow we'll feel like We was hit by a truck But let's get fucked up Oh baby, baby, baby, baby Let's strap on a little of that Abnormal delirium We'll take a long fall down Into that surrealist bucket We'll make one big grease spot Outta this town baby, yeah They all want to be Your Siamese Chihuahua sweetheart, woo woo!

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In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fuck" and "up. Boy, you really fucked this engine up. When was the last time you got your oil changed?

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He has his moments, but you keep your distance from him. You still love him. This is how I lovingly describe my current relationship with the United States.

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Or browse results titled :. HELLA lyrics buy track 5. LIES buy track credits released June 15, license all rights reserved tags Tags diy pop distortion grunge hardcore industrial noise punk Toronto about Poster Boy Toronto, Ontario.

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Yeah man, I'm glad to have this opportunity cuz I never get to sit down and chop it with y'all Man, face to face, so you know I definitely wanna get fucked up [fills glass with ice] Yeah man, I'm glad I need to sit down and chop it with y'all man cuz I never had an opportunity to do that, so, yeah I want to blaze something up too, you smoke? Nick Shit [inhales] make some room [exhales] Somebody laced this shit with shrooms, cuz I'm flying [Chorus] [Inhales] What's the big deal [exhales] Couple of [pause] shootings, couple of [pause] get killed Happens everyday around this way Took my homie lil' Mo dog and blew him away Shit [inhales] at the age of 19, what a bummer' Another crazy ass summer These types of things never die down easy Gang of retaliation, homeboy believe me [inhales] Fien for the recipe [coughing] Man, these blunts gon' be the death of me Fuck it, next flight to Amsterdam A few girls, fifty grand and a handy cam Posted up at the Cypress Hill coffee shop I'm miraculous, fuckin unorthodox [inhales] I'm glad we could chop it up Before I bounce let me get a blunt [exhales] [Chorus]. Submit Corrections.

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When you need to hear it: When it's approximately a. One, don't pick up the phone You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone Two, don't let him in You have to kick him out again Three, don't be his friend You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning And if you're under him You ain't getting over him. When you need to hear it: When you're in that can't-stop-spontaneously-sobbing-while-walking-down-the-street phase. So if it matters, let it matter If your heart's breaking, let it ache Catch those pieces as they scatter Know your hurt is not in vain Don't hide yourself from the horror Hurt today, here tomorrow If it's fragile and it shatters Let it matter, let it matter.


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