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The bats most at risk are those that roost in caves where cool moist temperatures allow the Pseudogymnoascus destructans fungus to grow and infect them. He recently made news in the journal Nature because scientists discovered he uses the curled leaves as an ear trumpet. Leaf roosting has made him unusual in other ways, too.

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Great magic takes years of practice and finesse, but everyday feats of trickery are actually a lot easier than you might think. Grab a foam cup and tell your audience that you have the unique ability to make it float. It will appear that your magic fingers are keeping the cup aloft.

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A thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing. Usually, thimbles with a closed top are used by dressmakers but special thimbles with an opening at the end are used by tailors as this allows them to manipulate the cloth more easily. Finger guards differ from tailors' thimbles in that they often have a top but are open on one side.

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Once baby discovers his hands -- and starts to figure out how they work -- a world of learning awaits. When it comes to milestones, walking gets most of the fanfare. But mastering fine motor skills is no small feat. Whereas learning how to crawl or run calls for boundless energy, learning to pick up a diced peach or to button a shirt requires something children don't have in such large supply: patience.

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Part of Hall of Human Origins. As the grasping hand evolved, claws disappeared. Today, most primates instead have flat fingernails and larger fingertip pads, which help them to hold on.

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Shaking in your thumb is called a tremor or twitch. Essential tremor is an inherited condition that makes the hands shake. If one of your parents has the gene mutation that causes essential tremor, you have a strong chance of developing this condition later in life.

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Fine Motor Definition: The ability to co-ordinate the small muscles of the hand. This includes the ability to grasp, pick up, release, imitate and copy patterns. These small muscles perform the movements used in writing, or holding a pencil.

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Greene, I have a 3 year old that has never sucked her thumb until about 6 months ago. Now she does it mostly when she is tired. How can I make her stop? I stood in a darkened room with two eager parents-to-be during their prenatal ultrasound.

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During the first month, newborns typically keep their fingers tightly balled up into tiny adorable fists. But before long, your baby will realize just how useful his fingers and hands are for exploring the world As your baby's awareness of the world — and all the objects and people in it — grows, his interest in touching and holding will, too.

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